Missed Connection

Today I decided to post a missed encounter on Craigslist for the first time.  So far, it has elicited one response that was riddled with the overuse of commas (which irked me).  Anyway, here's a baby step towards sharing my vulnerability and human nature more publicly in effort to better my writing.

Crazy Coffee Shop Girl Seeks Bi-Lingual Blonde Man

You walked into the Bougeois Pig Cafe with a confidence that melted my iced chai latte. Was your white v-neck a little too tight? Maybe, but that didn't stop me from questioning my attraction to your childlike cheeks and kind eyes from across the room. We shared a moment when a crazy man walking aggressively with a terrifying purpose huffed his way into the corner to fidget with some wires. Moments later you answered a phone call and proceeded to hold a broken discussion in Spanish that both startled and intrigued me given your Aryan charm. 

You may have mistaken me for just a batshit crazy woman at a quirky coffee due to one of the following reasons:

- I was audibly and relentlessly trying to convince my friend to throw caution to the wind and drop $500 on an Orca whale kayaking trip. 
- Mentions of Orca whales being aliens.
- Mentions of drugs being planted in my rice krispie treat as the catalyst to my outlandish mood.
- My current battle in fighting off a rather persistent UTI.
- The non-discreet gchat discussion me and my friend were having about you.
- The manic laughter attacks that ensued a midst all of the aforementioned things.

As I packed up to leave, I saw you fold up your Wi-Fi receipt. A little part of me hoped that piece of paper held your number and you, by some fate of the universe, found my behavior endearing enough to get up and casually slip it into my possession. I took my sweet ass time packing my shit up waiting for this fanciful scenario to play out.  You unknowingly shattered the theatrics of my momentary dream.

So as a last gleam of hope in my endeavor to find out if there is a man out there who finds the real me captivating, I am posting this missed connection.