I'm constantly challenging myself as a writer to be vulnerable and explore different writing styles.


A Tribute To Addison and Clark

I’m a Cubs fan–and a cliché one at that.  Albeit, I've only sat in the bleachers once; I am guilty of pretending to understand the scoreboard, taking a fan photo with Vince Vaughn and exiting the stadium twice as drunk as I entered it.  The first time I legally bought a frothy, tasteless Old Style dressed like a Cubs Slut* was truly a coming of age experience.  

Some would validate my fandom by the fact that my family held season tickets–section 117, Row 3, Seats 2,3,4,5–from before I was born until I was 22 years old. Personally, I think the markings of a true Cubs fan lie in how many times they've defended their allegiance with a nod at the Chicago tradition that is Wrigley Field. More often than not those battles go down something like this...


Tampa Bay Drafts "Characters," Not Players

The 2015 NFL Draft may be over, but like elves on December 26th, Tampa Bay Buccaneers scouts are already gearing up for next year. Plans are underway for recruiting the finest collegiate players this nation has to offer in 2016.

“People think we only look for the best athletes, but that’s just not true. We look for well-rounded players both on and off the field,” says head coach Lovie Smith.

Players like No. 1 draft pick Jameis Winston–holder of a Heisman Trophy and a rape allegation...


A Woman's Guide To Tinder

You wanna know why your Tinder gets less action than a white crayon? For starters, it probably has something to do with that flagship picture of you and your friend with the “great personality” wearing bridesmaid dresses and pearls. 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was a Tinder expert in my swiping heyday.  Every now and then I get back on to rattle the cages, but for the most part, I feel it is time to pass the knowledge of my success on to the women who still seek out the red flame...